I-5  Everett US 2  Trestle Mukilteo I-5 from SR-526 to I-405 SR-527 Millcreek I-405 from Filbert Rd. to SR 522 SR 522 / Paradise Rd. Aurora Ave. N from NE 145th to Winona Ave. N I-5 from I-405 to NE 45th SR 522 Lake Forest Park I-405 from NE 160th St. to NE 53rd St. SR-520 from Redmond to I-405 SR-520  Bridge  I-5 to I-405 I-5  Downtown Seattle I-405 Bellevue from SR-520 to I-90 I-90  Bridge  I-5 to I-405 I-90 from I-405 to Issaquah 1st Ave Bridge  SR 99 at Michigan/W.Marginal South Seattle  I-5 from I-90 to Southcenter I-405 from I-90 to West Valley Hwy Sea-Tac  SR 518 at SR 99 I-5 from South Center to Enchanted Pkwy SR-167 from S.180th to Auburn Covington  SR 516 at SR 18 SR 18  Auburn
I-5 South Seattle SR 16, Narrows to Union St. SR 16, Gig Harbor I-5 Northeast Tacoma I-5 South Tacoma SR 512 and Puyallup
This Seattle-area highway live-cam view service would not be possible without the generous (copyrighted) resources of the Washington State Department of Transportation.  These live-cams are only a small part of what the Washington D.O.T. provides online to travelers.  Visit the D.O.T. website at wsdot.wa.gov/.
Do you know about "WebFLOW?"  WebFLOW is a custom program you can use to create the same traffic maps on your own PC that are available at the WSDOT website.  Get this and other WDOT mobile apps here:  wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/seattle/products/
If you are looking for alternatives to drive-alone commuter trips, take a look at commuteseattle.com (not affiliated with this site).  Commute Seattle is a not-for-profit transportation service organization working to provide alternatives to drive-alone commuter trips in an effort to improve access to and mobility through downtown Seattle.

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