Current Seattle traffic flow, & live traffic cams, several on each page. Easy way to check traffic before hitting the Seattle highways.

Current Seattle traffic conditions.
This site shows current Seattle traffic condition flow maps, and several traffic livecams of your choice together in one window.
You can pick just the sections of highway that you travel on your commute, and view several DOT live cam pictures of that stretch of road.
It's a great way to check for Seattle traffic congestion before driving the roads!
The livecam traffic pictures are displayed together in one column, and can quickly be viewed by scrolling the view. This makes it easier to view the traffic cams, but visit the official D.O.T. website for plenty of additional information.
You can view the color-indicator maps showing current traffic volume, and the highway live-cams are available here in a presentation that allows you to look at all the cameras at once within a major portion of your highway commute.
Seattle highways are especially vulnerable to disruption when accidents or other road blockages occur.  Check ahead here, with these flow maps and live traffic cameras.
Many Seattle drivers consider it to be essential to check the traffic conditions first before entering the highways. This site makes it easy!
Additional links to the Washington State Department of Transportation web sites are available here also, for those who would like other travel information.